Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

California Juice Co. partners with corporations to offer subsidized juices, delivered daily into the office, as part of a corporate wellness initiative to boost productivity and morale, while decreasing sick days and healthcare costs.

How do employees order?

California Juice Co. will begin a daily delivery of juice into your office. Employees then place their order online using our website and if they elect to receive any juice, their order will arrive directly into the office refrigerator that morning for them. Ordering is fast and easy, typically taking only 30 seconds!

What feedback should corporations expect?

We have had CEOs of corporations say that though they offer perks like yoga, pilates, free lunches etc. they have never had such an overwhelmingly positive response to anything like they did when the juices began to be delivered into the office.

How long is the juice good for?

Juices are cold-pressed each night and delivered the following morning so you are always getting the freshest product available. Once delivered, the juices are good for 3 full days but must be kept refrigerated.

How much does it cost?

We partner with the corporations and launch a subsidized juicing program. For more information or to begin a program in your office, please contact us at

What areas do you serve?

We deliver in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and their surrounding areas.

What does cold-pressed juice mean?

It means we exclusively use juicers that extract juice using a hydraulic press. This method of extraction yields 3-5 times more vitamins, minerals and live enzymes than juice extracted any other way.

Why does your juice have such a short shelf life?

A short-shelf life is a good thing! It means we do not pasteurize, preserve or process our juice in any way. Instead we retain all of the nutrients in the juice in its pure, raw form.