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Farm to Desk

At California Juice Company we specialize in sourcing only the highest quality fruits and vegetables from farms, cold pressing our juices into delicious blends and delivering them directly to employees in support of the one principle we know holds true.

A healthier staff boosts productivity, reduces healthcare costs and makes for both happier employees and a better work environment.



Locally Grown.

Farm Fresh.

Earth Friendly.

Our primary produce source is local Deardorff Family Farms in Oxnard, California.

All produce we source from Deardorff Family Farms is organic and goes
straight from picking to the press to ensure ultimate freshness.

Water Drop

Water Conscious

Deardorff uses half the water of an average farm. The subterranean drip root watering system waters crops only when necessary in efforts to conserve.

Solar Powered

Energy Conscious

Solar powers 40% of the energy used on the farm.

LEED Certified

LEED Certified

The 115,000 square foot facility meets strict environmental conservation and emissions standards primarily for water use and energy consumption.

Proud Suppliers

The Beginning

Geoff Crosby found himself sitting across the table from a long time friend, and noticed how great he looked, so he had to ask- “What have you been doing? You look amazing since I last saw you!” Turns out, on the advice of a nutritionist, his pal had dived into the wonderful world of juicing fruits and vegetables and now began every day with a glass of green juice- and the positive changes were astounding. Geoff quickly realized, he knew what he had to start doing and he began the next day...


Having run a hedge fund for 15 years, Geoff had all the best of intentions to begin his daily juicing habit but often his demanding schedule got in the way. Soon he thought to himself, “If I could just get this juice delivered into the office, I’d drink a bottle of this every single day.” The idea was born.

He already knew that drinking just a bottle of juice a day increases energy, improves focus and overall health so he knew it made sense to not only deliver but also to have companies subsidize juices as part of a corporate program that would improve productivity and wellness of their employees.

Shila Moran, a juicing expert and life long juice fan, was at the helm running her cold-pressed juice company that she founded in 2012. Her path lead to a meeting with Geoff and one conversation turned into many. Armed with his idea and her juicing know how they soon partnered up and launched California Juice Company.



Prior to joining California Juice Co., Bill oversaw daily operations of single family and multi-family assets for real estate investment firm Enduravest Partners, LLC in Santa Barbara, California. Bill graduated from Westmont College in 2012 with a degree in Business and Economics.



Geoff graduated with a BA from UC Berkeley and started in the brokerage business working for Credit Suisse and Montgomery Securities. Soon, his passion for business and investing lead him to start his own hedge fund, which he managed for 15 years. In 2013, he discovered the power of juicing and watched his energy levels and general health vastly improve. Since launching California Juice Co. Geoff is a proud green juice aficionado who starts every single day with a bottle of Big Sur and has made it his mission to show employers everywhere just how positive of an impact a juicing habit creates.



Focused on leading sales force, driving growth into new channels of business, and improving processes and organizational structure to support growth. Prior to California Juice Co., Taylor was National Sales Manager for a nationwide energy bar company, managing national broker teams, building national distribution networks, and partnering with key retailers in natural, grocery, convenience, and foodservice channels. Graduate of UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Business Economics.

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